Hilltop Chatter

This is my first blog entry to this site. The site was designed for residents and property owners of Hilltop Lakes to voice opinions, promote community activities, post garage and estate sale notices, list home and lots for sale and provide links to other Hilltop organizations that have web sites.

I will also be posting the information in letters I wrote to the Editor of The Normangee Star that he has refused to print since my first letter was printed. The letters addressed issues of voter tabulation and document retention; the attack by Board member Randy Schiamara on the Volunteer Fire Department and letters that t I have not sent (since he won’t print them)  covering the conduct of Board meetings and Board members; the hierarchy of regulations and laws that the POA Board are subject to and deed restriction enforcement; or lack thereof.

I’ll post when the website is done (hilltopchatter.net). In the meantime, I thought I would start off with the recent legal advice that Randy Schiamara gave the Board when he announced (according to the minutes) that delinquent property owners could and would be charged with trespassing. He made a motion and it passed unanimously! I can’t believe the Board fell for that!!